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Describe a well-paid job that you will be good at.
You should say:
what the job was
how you knew this job
how you feel about this job
and explain why you think you will be good at it
What the job was: What I’ve been through has shown me that I was born to sell, especially in the Hospitality industry.
How you knew this job: During my college years, I found it much more interesting to take part in social activities that gave me great chances to improve my communication skills. I’ve also done some part-time work in this field, and for the past two years I’ve been a sales executive.
How you feel about this job and explain why you think you will be good at it: I’m a good candidate for this job because I know how to analyze the market and figure out who the target audience is. I’m also good at persuasion, which means I can get people to agree with me. In the future, I will do everything I can to get a promotion to sales manager.
Possible Questions
1. List some ways you know of finding a job? In your opinion, which way is the most effective?
2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of working as a job hunter?
3. When you are part of an organization or a team, do you think it is best to have a fixed way of doing things that is made clear to everyone? Or is it better to be flexible?
4. How do you spend your workday? Do you enjoy your work? (Do you like your job?)
5. Why did you choose to do that kind of work?
6. Are there anything special about job?
7. Is that a popular job in your country?
8. Is there another type of job you would like to do?
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