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Describe a successful business/ company you know. You should say:
What it is
How you know about it
How it becomes successful
And explain how you felt about it
What it is: I don’t usually pay much attention to business, but there’s one company that has given me a lot to think about in everything I do. Apple is a huge tech company, the first business to make a trillion dollars, and the most valuable brand in the world. They are known for making high-quality products like smartphones, laptops, desktops, and headphones. The iPhone, for example, is seen as a product that changed the world when it came out.
How you know about it: When I first saw an iPhone, I was blown away because it was so different from any other phone on the market at the time. Then I looked up the company that made the product, and its interesting story of success caught my attention right away.
How it becomes successful: Many people probably don’t know this, but before Apple became so successful, it had a lot of trouble and almost went out of business. People didn’t like its first line of products, and its well-known founder, Steve Jobs, was even fired from his own company. But when iPhone came out, Apple got a lot of attention, and sales of their products went through the roof. There are a few things that led to its success. First of all, it fits the needs of the market very well. Apple used to be the first company to make a lot of new devices, but now they wait until a new technology is perfected before putting it in their own products. This way, they can give their customers not necessarily the first, but the best experience. In this crowded market, no new technology will wow customers, but a great experience will, and that’s what Apple wants to give them. Also, Apple is a marketing genius. To get people to buy their products, they come up with great catchphrases and clever campaigns. They also have the best services in the tech world, which makes them better than most of their competitors.
And explain how you felt about it: I don’t think of myself as an Apple fanatic, but the way Apple does business has taught me a lot. I always try to give my students the best experience possible and never give them a product or service that isn’t finished. The company is definitely making me feel better about myself.
Possible Questions
1. How many kinds of business activities do you know? Can you give some examples of primary business activities/ secondary activities/ and tertiary activities?
2. What is a diversified company? Give an example? Do you like/ dislike to work in a diversified company? Why/ Why not? (What are strengths and weaknesses of a diversified company?)
3. What are the differences between a family company and a multinational? Do you think it is better to work for a family company or a multinational? Which is better to do business with?
4. Is game industry an important one in your country? Do you like working in a game designing company? Why? What do you think of video games? Online games? Are online games companies profitable? Are girls or boys more interested in games? Is fashion industry an important one in your country? Do you like working as a fashion designer? Why?
5. Do you know any companies in Vietnam? Is it a one-industry sector company or is it a diversified company? What are its main activities in business?

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