Task 3: Topic Discussion – B1, B2

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Task 3: Topic Discussion
(2 minutes)

You have maximum TWO minutes to deliver a speech of the topic given. You are expected to include three parts of a speech:

  • Introduction (one topic sentence)
  • Development (three main advantages presented in three sentences with three supporting details in other three sentences)
  • Conclusion (one concluding sentence) with the use of some linking words.
“Discuss THREE most notable DISADVANTAGES which TV advertisement may bring to the young generation nowadays”

In my opinion, there are several drawbacks of TV commercials for young people.

+ First of all, advertisements try to influence the young emotions by making them buy their products which they really don’t need. For example many chocolates advertisements are acted by children to attract them and forcing their parents to buy for them.

+ Furthermore, the young can be easily influenced by advertisements. They are susceptible to messages and images in ads; therefore, when the products are not healthy or beneficial, negative side-effects will cause them to suffer health issues.

+ Last but not least, the overdramatisation in advertisements will lead to deceptive and untruthful claims. So, it’s easy for the young to purchase the undesirable products with unreasonable prices.

In conclusion, because of the reasons I mentioned above, I believe that TV advertisement brings some downsides to the young people.

“Discuss THREE most beneficial THINGS which travelling may bring to travelers worldwide”

 I totally agree that travelling brings a number of benefits nowadays.

+ It gives people refreshement. It’s a great chance for people to relax after hard working hours.

+ People can gain lots of new experience. For example, they can visit a variety of tourist attractions, taste local food, learn new cultures, enjoy different activities such as sightseeing, seeing how people live their lives and so on.

+ Tourist have chance to meet people and make new friends. For instance, they can share their experience and viewpoints with people in the same group or local people.

In conclusion, because of the reasons I mentioned above, I believe that travelling gives a lot of merits to travelers all around the world.

“Discuss THREE most valuable ADVANTAGES which globalization may bring to people in the modern world”

In my opinion, globalization brings a variety of merits to people in the modern world.

+ First of all, globalization would also reduce labor exploitation issues. When borders become less restrictive around the world, people tend to move to locations where their best opportunities exist, we could reduce child labor issues, too.

+ Moreover, globalization improves communication access. By reducing border restrictions, we make communication access better because we’re no longer restricting the movements and actions of people on a per-nation basis.

+ Lastly, globalization could create more employment opportunities. With fewer barriers to the import/export market, the cost of producing goods or offering services would decline without affecting the profit margins of companies; consumers would benefit from the lower prices, consume more, and create additional job opportunities around the world.

In conclusion, because of three reasons I mentioned above, I believe that globalization has numerous benefits for people all the world.

“Discuss THREE most notable EFFECTS which money may have on the human’s life”

I totally believe that money brings a variety of effective impacts on human’s life.

+ First and foremost, people need money to survive their life, because nothing is free in the world, everything needs money. As we know that goods are more expensive day by day, they need money to pay for house, foods, drink, traveling and so on.

+ Futhermore, people use money for their health. If they are severely sick and need expensive medication, with wealth, they can have better treatment.

+ Last but not least, people need education to change their life to be smart, it needs money for tuition fee. Even though in some place there is free education as government program, it is not free for all. The students need shoes, uniform, transportation, and other things.

To sum up, because of the reasons I mentioned above, I believe that money has some positive effects on people life.

“Discuss THREE most notable DISADVANTAGES which the internet may bring to the young generation nowadays”

– Nowadays, the Internet brings numerous disadvantages for young people.

+ First and foremost, the young are easily addicted to the Internet. I mean they spend too much time on social networking like: Facebook, Zalo, Twitter… or watching movies.

+ Moreover, it’s easy for them to have some health problems when they use the Internet for a long time. They might have high risks of various diseases such as: back ache, bad eye sights, tiredness, sleeplessness and so on.

+ Last but not least, if they access bad websites, their computer might be attacked. Moreover, their personal details might be stolen as well.

– To sum up, because of some reasons I mentioned above, I believe that the Internet can bring some downsides to the young people if they don’t know how to use it effectively.

 Present your view with clear arguments and specific, real-life examples to support your view.

Thank you. You have finished the last part of the test.

That’s the end of the test


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