LETTER OF AUTHORIZATION – Giấy ủy quyền (Bản dịch mẫu)

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No. 128 / UQ – TGD


Independence – Freedom – Happiness





Pursuant to:

  • The Enterprise Law No. 60/2005/QH 11 dated November 29th, 2005 by the National Assembly of Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
  • Decision No. 2191/QĐ-UB dated May 20th, 2005 by People’s Committee of …….
  • Resolutions of the shareholders meeting in……..
  • Minutes of meetings of Board of Directors on …….
  • Working regulations of …….Joint Stock Company.




Mr. ….
– Date of birth:
– ID card No.:
– Date of issue:
– Permanent residence:
– Education qualification:
– Professional qualifications:
– Position:


Has been authorized to get the rights of General Director:


  1. Directly run operations of……. in Hanoi. Fulfill the assigned tasks according to the approved plan.
  2. (Business lines under the certificate of operation registration  of branch in Hanoi)
  • Implement the dependent accounting regime (incomplete legal entity) and financial management rules, regulations of economic accounting regime, accountant of ….. Joint Stock Company. Strictly perform Accounting and Statistics Ordinance, Tax law and Administrative law of the state and locality where the company’s offices is located in.
  • Has the right to use seal of branch of …. Joint Stock Company in Hanoi prescribed by state.
  1. Has been trained to recruit laborers for working abroad under the contracts of labor export of Company signing with foreign one. Mr. ….. has the right to implement the following tasks:
  • Make labor resources for orders of the signed contract of company (or in the progress of the feasible negotiations) with foreign partners, act as a counselor for General Director about the domestic labor market.
  • Sign the cooperation contract with the markets, vocational training centers and local government in the recruitment of labor.
  • Train foreign language, foster knowledge for employees under the orders.
  • Have the right to open the account in the banks for collecting and spending of the orders that have been allowed by Department for Management of foreign laborers.
  • Take all responsibilities: Transactions, advisory, construction of contracts including: contract of labor supply between the company and foreign partners, contract of giving laborers to work abroad between companies and employees, contract between the company and the Employers with employees (must not sign 03 types of those contracts).

The responsibilities of Mr. …..:

  • Strictly abide by running business operations for services of the branch in Hanoi (The branch only does business activities if they meet the conditions under the law, with the conditioned business lines) according to the registration license the unit.
  • Directly bear all personal and legal responsibilities of the unit to General Director and law about implementing authorization. The previous authorization are worthless.

This letter of authorization takes effect until ……..


Signature of authorized person

(Signed and sealed)



(Signed and sealed)


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