Childhood obesity

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       It is obvious that childhood obesity has become a serious matter in many countries nowadays. This essay will describe the reasons and access some of its  consequences.

       There are several reasons why children are likely to suffer from obesity, it is believed that they have poor diet. They eat less balanced diet than before, in stead of this, they have a lot of fast food or junk food. Secondly, children in some countries have a less active life style. A lot of them spend too much time playing computer games. They do not do exercise or sports regularly as a result. Finally, children do not control children’s eating habits. Parents today are busy with their job, so they do not have enough time to cook for their family. Therefore, when eating out children like eating fast food which contain too much fat, salt and sugar for their meal.

       The consequences of childhood obesity are really serious. It is stated that children who weigh too much have a high risk of diseases such as: diabetes, heart disease, cancer and so on. Moreover, they may lack confidence because of their fat body. Some of them may feel uncomfortable with too large colthes when standing in front of others.

       In conclusion, it is clearly seen that there are various reasons for childhood obesity and the effects are really worrying. Therefore, parents should pay more attention for their children’s diet and encourage them to eat healthy food with the aim of protecting them form obesity.










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