Advantages and disadvantages of becoming workaholics

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     Nowadays, working has become a vital part in people’s lives. There are more and more people becoming workaholics. While some people believe that it brings a variety of benefits, others think that it leads to negative developments. This essay will discuss both sides of this issue and give my personal view.

      On the one hand, working hard has a lot of merits to individuals in our society. First of all, those who work hard can compete with others and get promotion. As a result, they have  well-paid jobs. Furthermore, it is believed that hard work helps society develop remarkably. It would be terrible if all people in the world are lazy in their jobs. Economics, technology and science can only grow when human beings work as well as invest their time and energy in their work.

     On the other hand, working too much may have detrimental effects. First and foremost, it is clear that people who pay too much attention to work have no time for their family and friends. They may distance themselves from their relatives if they continue working too much on a long time. Moreover, workaholics can have some health problems such as: head ache, sleeplessness, back ache, tiredness and so on. The reason why they are at high risk of those various diseases is that they lack time for sports, excercise or relaxation.

     In conclusion, although working hard has some demerits, its obvious merits are undeniable. Anyone who is well – organized may find it easy to have a work-life balance.




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