The reasons and consequences of working longer hours

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          Nowadays, it is easy for people to get stressed as they are working longer hours. This essay will explain the reasons and access some of its consequences.

          There are several reasons why people are working longer hours. First of all, our life is more expensive than before, so we need to work hard to earn more money for higher living costs. Secondly, we are living in a very competitive world. It is obvious that unemployment is a serious problem. People are hard-working to achieve their goals fro career progression. Finally, jobs are much more demanding in the modern society. It is important to keep studying, work longer to avoid being outdated.

           The consequences of working long hours are really serious. People may have no time for sports, excercise or entertainment. As a result, they might have high risks of various diseases such as: back ache, bad eye sights, tiredness, sleeplessness and so on. Furthermore, by working long hours, people have no time for their family and friends. This could be on distant terms with their family. It is believed that workaholics may neglect their relatives and friends consequently.

          To sum up, there are three main reasons for people working in long hours and the consequences are worrying. As a result, people should have work – life balance to live a better life.


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