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You are going to talk about workplace productivity.
You should say:
What the workplace productivity is
What advantages of productivity in the workplace are
And explain how you felt about the impact of workplace productivity on the image of a company

Workplace productivity is how quickly and well tasks and goals for the company are finished. By making the workplace more productive, things like profits and employee morale will be easier to see.
Some things about productivity depend on the business or industry, but there are also many benefits that apply to most businesses. The obvious benefit is that work is actually getting done, which is what productivity is all about. But the benefits go way beyond just getting the job done. Anyone could see how important productivity is if they looked at the benefits from a business or mathematical point of view. Profit may be one of the most important and convincing reasons for being productive and efficient. When more work gets done in less time, less time and money are spent on the work itself. This means that a business can expect to make more money.
On the other side of the business, the customers are likely to be much happier with the speed and overall efficiency. Some internal parts of a business are hard for a customer on the outside to understand, but other parts become clear when a customer uses a business.
Productivity rates also make an impact on the image of a company. From customers to shareholders and employees, high productivity often gives off the image of having it all together. However, a lower level of productivity can make it seem as though the company is not on top of things.
When productivity is high, employee morale is higher. That high morale means that employees are happier and less likely to leave for another company. Low turnover rates are key to developing good employee-manager relations. When the employees are happy, it is likely that the work will be of even higher quality.

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2. Does it have any disadvantages also?
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4. What is the Best Way through Which an Employee can be Compensated for Working Extra Hours or Days?
5. Do you Think that Technology Reduces Work Pressures Nowadays?
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