Ôn thi tiếng anh chuẩn đầu ra B1

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Exercise 1: Choo the best answer to complete the sentence

  1. There are 10 houses on our street. Our house is the ________ one.
  2. a. biggest b. bigger    biger     d.bigest
  3. My brother sings better than I do, but I play guitar ________ than he does.

a.the best          b. Best            c. good              d.better

  1. This is ________ song I have ever heard!

 a.better       b. gooder   c.  the best   d.the better

  1. Tom is ________ than I am.
  2. stronger b.the strongest   c.more strong   d.strong
  3. Out of all the students in our class, I am ________.

 a.the shorter      b.) the shortest           c.shorter    d.shortest

Exercise 2: Give the correct form of world in the brack to complete the sentences below

  1. Her daughter is.morebeutiful than her (beautiful)
  2. Summer is the hotest.season of the year (hot)
  3. That dog isn’t as dangerous as it looks (dangerous)
  4. In the past, people were more politer than today (polite)
  5. It is colder today than it was yesterday (cold)
  6. Our hotel was cheaper than all the orthers in the town (cheap)
  7. What’s the longgest.river in the world (long)
  8. It was an awful day. It was worst day of my life (bad)
  9. Everest is the highest.mountain in the world. It is highter.than any other mountain (high)
  10. I prefer this chair to the other one. It’s more comfortable.(comfortable)
  11. , We’ve got (little) less time than I thought.
  12. Lan is (clear) more clever and prettier than Lien
  13. She is (nice) nicer than I expected
  14. This was the (big) biggest farm I have ever visited
  15. Which is (difficult) more difficult English or Math.

Exercise 3 :Rewrite these sentences, keeping the original meaning:

  1. My house is bigger than your house.

     => Your house is not as big as my house/ Your house is smaller than mine./ than my house

  1. This is the most delicous cake I have ever tasted.

     => I have never tasted such a delicious cake./ I have never tasted a more delicious cake

  1. My grandmother is older than every one in my family.

=> My grandmother is the oldest in my family

  1. No one in my class is as tall as Tam.

=> Tam is the tallest in my class

  1. I can not cook as well as my mother.

=> My mother can cook better than me/I can,

EXERCISE 4: Choose the best option to complete each sentence:

  1. Of the four dresses, which is ………………..expensive?
  2. the best B. the most C. the more D. the greater

Giải thích: So sánh hơn nhất với tính từ dài

Dịch: Trong 4 cái váy này, cái nào là đắt nhất?

  1. The larger the apartment, the………………. the rent.( Căn hộ càng rộng giá càng cao)
  2. expensive B. more expensive C. expensively D. most expensive

Cấu trúc so sánh càng càng: The + adj (so sánh hơn) + clause, the + adj (so sánh hơn) + clause.

  1. The faster we walk,………….. we will get there.
  2. the soonest B. the soon C. the more soon D. the sooner(Chúng ta đi càng nhanh, chúng ta sẽ đến đó càng sớmƯ

Cấu trúc so sánh càng càng: The + adj (so sánh hơn) + clause, the + adj (so sánh hơn) + clause.

  1. “ Why did you buy these oranges? ” “They were ……….….. I could find. ”
  2. cheapest B. cheapest ones C. the cheapest ones D. the most cheapest
  3. She plays the piano …………… as she sings.( Cô ấy chơi Piano hay như hát )
  4. as beautifully B. more beautifully C. as beautiful D. the most beautifully
  5. The streets are getting more and …………… these days.
  6. crowded B. less crowded C. more crowded D. most crowded

get/ become + so sánh hơn/ more and more + adj dài (trở nên ngày càng…)

  1. The larger the city, …………… the crime rate.( Công ty càng lớn tỉ lệ phạm tội càng cao )
  2. highest B. higher C. the highest D. the higher

So sánh càng càng: The + adj (so sánh hơn) + clause, the + adj (so sánh hơn) + clause.

  1. You must explain your problems …………….(Bạn phai giải thích vấn đề rõ ràng nhất có thể)
  2. as clear as you can B. as clearly as you can C. as clear than you are D. as clearly as you are
  3. Pil is ……………… person we know.( Pil là người hạnh phúc nhất tôi biết)
  4. the happier B. the happiest C. happier D. happiest
  5. Which woman are you going to vote for? –I’m not sure. Everyone says that Joan is………….
  6. smarter B. the smarter C. more smarter D. more smart

(Người phụ nữ nào bạn sẽ bỏ phiếu cho? – Tôi không chắc. Mọi người đều nói rằng Joan là người thông minh hơn)


Exercise 1: Choose the correct answer

1.They…. pay to saty in hotel.they can stay with us

  1. don’t have to B, mustnot C, Have to    D,Must
  2. Children under five years old must not swim without an adult
  3. don’t have to B. Must not C need not  D not need
  4. You …. allow Max to walk home from school every day on his own. He is too young ,
  5. need not B. don’t have to C. have not to    D.should not

4,Kelly was rather late , She  must have missed the train

 A.Must have missed  B. Must miss   C. can not miss   D.can not have missed

5,That woman has just fallen over’ Let “s go and see her:she … hurt

  1. might have been B. Might be Ca can not be    D. Can not have been

6, It …………;the ground was completely dry

A, must rain  B. Can not rain    C.can not have rained   D. Must have rained

  1. I …you at the weekend. If I come , I will give you a ring to let you know cau DK loai 1
  2. may have visted B.may visit c. must have visited  D. must visited

8,They…house yet. I still saw them in town this morning

A, can not move   B. Must move   C. must have moved    D.can not have moved

9,You… her. K₫She was standing right next to you

A, must  see,   B. Can not see   C. must have seen   C.can nt have seen

10, I don not know why there were not any buses yeaterday.They …. on strike but I am not really sure,

A,could have been    B. could be    C. must be   D. Must have been

11,Unless he runs he … catch the train

A,Will   B. Must not       C. would not    D,Won”t

12,… you be in Rome tonight

A,Will       B. May     C. might   C. maybe

13, We…. have time to helf you tomorrow

A,may          B. Must               C. will        C, could

14,Jeanette did very badly on the exam .She … harder

A, must have studied  B, should have studied  C, could have studied   D. Must studied

15,He was very lucky when he fell off the ladder – cai thang . He … himself

A, could have hurt  B. should have hurt C. must have hurt   C, will have hurt

Exercie 2:Rewrite the following sentences

  1. Perhaps Susan know the address.(may)

Susan may know the a address

  1. It’s possible that Joanna didn’t receive my message.( might)

Joanna might not have received my message

3: The report must be on my dest tomorrow.(has)

The report has to be  on my dest tomorrow

4: I managed to finish all my work.(able)

I were able to finish all my work

5: It was not necessary for Nancy to clean the flat.(did not)

Nancy did not need to clean the flat

6: The best thing for you to do is to sit down sit down.(better)

You had better sit down


Exercise 1: The first sentence is in the ACTIVE VOICE. Choose the most correct way of saying the same thing in the PASSIVE VOICE:

  1. They passed me up for that position.

  I ________________ for that position.

  1. a) was passed up  b) was being passed up           c) am passed up
  2. By tomorrow, I will have bought the car.

 By tomorrow, the car ________________ by me.

  1. a) was being bought b) will have been bought c) was bought
  2. John bought the Picasso painting.

 The Picasso painting ________________ by John.

  1. a) was bought b) will have been bought  c) is bought
  2. Most students misunderstand this story.

 This story ________________ by most students.

  1. a) was misunderstood b) has been misunderstood     c) is misunderstood
  2. My brother carried the groceries into room.

 The groceries ________________ by my brother into the room.

  1. were being carried b) have been carried    c) were carried

Exercise 2 : Change the sentences below into passive voice

  1. My father waters this flower every morning.

->This flower is watered (by my father) every morning.

2. Did Mary buy this beautiful dress?

-> Was this beautiful dress bought by Mary?

3. Her mother is preparing the dinner in the kitchen

-> The dinner is being prepared (by her mother) in the kitchen

4. We should clean our teeth twice a day.

-> Our teeth should be cleaned twice a day

5. Our teachers have explained the English grammar

-> The English grammar has been explained (by our teacher).

6. Jackson will visit his parents next month

-> Jackson’s parents will be visited (by him) next month

7.The manager did not phone the secretary  this morning

->  The secretary was not phoned this morning

8,They told me that you were the bset architect in this city

è I were told that you were the architectin this city

9,He discovered that this cotton was grown in Egypt

->It was discovered that this cotton was grown in Egypt

10,I have heard Ken sing this song seraral times

->Ken has been heard to sing this song seraral times


Exercise 1:Choose the best answer

  1. Jack asked me _____.
  2. where do you come from?                                             B. where I came from
  3. where I came from     D. where did I come from?
  4. She asked me _____ I liked pop music.

 A.when    B What    C, If   D, x

  1. The doctor ____ him to take more exercise.

 A.told                                        B.tell                                           C. have told                                    D. are telling

  1. I wanted to know_____ return home.
  2. when would she         B. when will she                   C. when she will              D. when she would
  3. Claire told me that her father____ a race horse.
  4. owns        B. owned                    C. owning            D. A and B
  5. What did that man say ______?
  6. at you       B. for you              C. to you                 D. you
  7. I rang my friend in Australia yesterday, and she said it _______ raining there.
  8. is       B. were       C. has been            D. was
  9. The builders have ______ that everything will be ready on time.
  10. promised     B. promise               C. promises                D. promising
  11. The doctor _______ him to take more exercise.
  12. told         B. tell                C. have told            D. are telling
  13. The last time I saw Linda, she looked very relaxed. She explained she’d been on holiday the ______ week.
  14. ago       B. following             C. next               D. previous

Exercise 2 : Rewrite the sentenses

1.      “Where is my umbrella?” she asked.
She asked where her umbrella was.
2. “How are you?” Martin asked us.
Martin asked us how we were
3. He asked, “Do I have to do it?”
He asked if he had to do it
4. “Where have you been?” the mother asked her daughter.
→ The mother asked her daughter where she had been.
5. “Which dress do you like best?” she asked her boyfriend.
→ She asked her boyfriend which dress he liked best
6. “What are they doing?” she asked.
→ She wanted to know what they were doing
7. “Are you going to the cinema?” he asked me.
→ He wanted to know if I was going to the cinema
8. The teacher asked, “Who speaks English?”
→ The teacher wanted to know who spoke English
9. “How do you know that?” she asked me.
→ She asked me how I knew that
10. “Has Caron talked to Kevin?” my friend asked me.
→ My friend asked me if Caron had talked to Kevin

11. She said “Go upstairs?”.
She told me  to go upstairs

12. “Close the door behind you?” he told me.
he told me to close the door behind me

11. “What’s the time?” he asked.
→ He wanted to know what the time was.
12. “When will we meet again?” she asked me.
→ She asked me when we would meet again.


Exercise 1:Complete each of the following conditional sentences with the proper verb tense:
1.If we go to Mexico, you _________ real Mexican food
A.would eat                     B. will eat

  1. If you went to Mexico, you _________ real Mexican food.

  A.would eat                     B. will eat

  1. If he _________ more, he’d play better.
  2. Practices B. Practiced
  3. I ________ you if I hear anything.

 A.would can         B.Will call

  1. If the neighbors ________ making noise, I’ll call the police.
  2. don’t stop B. didn’t stop
  3. If they ________ this skirt in a smaller size, I’d buy it.
  4. make B.made
  5. I ________ that donut if you don’t.

A.will eat           B. Would eat

  1. He ________ better if he had his glasses.
  2. would be able to see B. will be able to see
  3. If I end up going, I _________ you.

A, Would call           b.will call

  1. If he ________ more, he’d have bigger muscles.

A.exercises                B.exercised

Exercise 2:

  1. If I ________ you, I would apologize to her right away. (to be)
  2. a) was b) were             c) have been
  3. If I run into her, I ________ her that you’re looking for her. (to tell)
  4. a) would tell b) tell  c) will tell
  5. If you ________ that again, I will call the police. (to do)
  6. a) to do b) do c) will do
  7. He would never have asked her out on a date if she ________ him first. (to kiss)
  8. a) hadn’t kissed  b) didn’t kiss    c) will not kiss
  9. If you were her, what ________? (to do)
  10. a) would you do b) did you do  c) do you do

Exercise 3: Give corect form of verbs in the branckets

  1. If I see him, I will give (give ) him a gift.- cau dk loai 1
  2. If I had a typewriter, I would type (type) it myself.
  3. If I had known that you were in hospital, I would have vistted (visit) you.
  4. You could make better progress if you attendede (attend) class regularly.
  5. If I knew (know) his telephone number, I’d give it to you.
  6. If you had arrived (arrive) ten minutes earlier, you would have got a seat.
  7. If he worked more slowly, he wuold not make(not make) so many mistakes.
  8. I shouldn’t drink that wine if I were (be) you.
  9. If I find (find) a cheap room, I will stay a fortnight.
  10. A lot of people would be(be) out of work if the factory closed down.
  11. I (have) would have plenty of money now if I (not/spend) hadnot spent so much yesterday.
  12. If someone (give) gives.you a boat, what you (do) will you do ?
  13. If you.press press) CTRL + S, you save.(save) the file.
  14. The children.would be (be) happy if he.taught(teach) them English.
  15. If she had bought(buy) a new hard disk, she.would not lost(not/ lose) all data.

Câu điều kiện trong tiếng Anh có 3 loại

Câu điều kiện loại 1

Cấu trúc: If + S + thì hiện tại đơn, S + thì tương lai đơn

Cách sử dụng:

– Câu điều kiện loại 1 chỉ sự thật hiển nhiên như một quy luật tự nhiên hoặc hành động xảy ra thường xuyên.

– Đặt ra một điều kiện có thể thực hiện được trong hiện tại hoặc tương lai

– Nói đến khả năng, sự chắc chắn, sự cho phép, sự bắt buộc hoặc cần thiết


+ If you heat ice, it turns to water.

+ If you come into my garden, my dog will bite you.

Câu điều kiện loại 2

Cấu trúc: If S + quá khứ đơn, S + would + V

Cách sử dụng

– Diễn tả điều không thể xảy ra ở hiện tại hoặc tương lai, chỉ là một giả thiết, một ước muốn trái ngược với thực trạng hiện tại


+ If I were a bird, I would be very happy.

Câu điều kiện loại 3

Cấu trúc: If + S + quá khứ hoàn thành, S + would + have + Vpast participle

Cách sử dụng

– Diễn tả một điều không thể xảy ra trong quá khứ, chỉ mang tính ước muốn trong quá khứ, một sự hối tiếc, một giả thiết trái ngược với thực trạng ở quá khứ.

Exercise 4:Choose the correct answer

  1. If someone into the store, smile and say, “May I help you?”
  2. comes B. came C. will come D. would come
  3. .If I ……. you, I would think twice about that decision. It could be a bad move.

A Was      B. Had been    C. were      D. Should be

  1. If I had found Rob”s phone number, I ….him about the change in plans

A Called,                Bhad called,              C.would have called   D. Would call

4.Plaese keep yourvoice down in this section of the library> If you… to talk loudly, I Will have to ask you to leave

A.continued  B.could continued    C.will continued    D.continue

  1. If everyone…..how would we control air traffic? Surely, we would all be crashing into each other
  2. can fly B.will fly C.flies          D. Could fly
  3. 6. We wanted to go out yesterday but the weather was terrible. If it had been (be) a nice day, we would have gone (go) for a picnic

A,is-will go   B. Was- would go   C,were – would go   D.had been – would  have gone

  1. 7. Why don’t you explain everything to him? If you don’t tell (not tell) him the truth, I’m sure you will regret (regret) it one day

A did not tell-would regret   B. Do not tell- will regret  c. had not told –would have regretted

D, won”ttell- regret

  1. 9. Jennifer was here not long ago. If you had come round (come round) earlier, you would have seen (see) her.

A ,had come round-would have seen   B. Came round- would see  C, would come round- would see D, would hae come round –had seen

  1. 8. I would help (help) you with it if I had (have) more time but I’m afraid I haven’t got any spare time at all at the moment

A help – will have   B. Will help- have  C, helped- would have D, would help -had

  1. 10. Apparently, the ferry company is planning to close the port in this town. If that happens (happen), the town will lose (lose) a great deal of money
  2. had happened-would have lost B.happens-will lose c, happens- would lose D, happended-would lose

Exercise 5:Rewrite the following sentenses

  1. Keep silent or you’ll wake the baby up.

→ If you don’t keep silent, you will wake the baby up.

  1. Stop talking or you won’t understand the lesson.

If you keep talking, you won’t understand the lesson

  1. I don’t know her number, so I don’t ring her up.

If I know her number, I will ring her up

  1. I don’t know the answer, so I can’t tell you.

→ If I know the answer, I will tell you.

  1. We got lost because we didn’t have a map.

→ If we had had a map, we wouldn’t have got lost

IV Relative clause

1 . Mr. Ken, ______ is living next door, is a dentist.

  1. that  B. who            C. whom  D. what
  2. Her computer ______ was my friend’s got broke.
  3. which B. whom C. who            D. that
  4. The man _______ she wanted to see her family.
  5. which B. where                  C. whom             D. who
  6. Her grandmother, _______ is 70, often takes exercise.
  7. what  B. who              C. where           D. which
  8. The woman _______ came here two days ago is her professor.
  9. who B. that              C. whom          D. what
  10. The film about _____ they are talking about is fantastic.
  11. who B. which   C. whom   D. that
  12. The people ____ for the bus in the rain are getting well.
  13. waiting B. to wait C. waited           D. wait
  14. He is the boy _______ is my best friend.
  15. that B. whom                 C. who                     D. A& C
  16. I have a message for people _____ by the traffic chaos.
  17. to delay B. who delay        C. delayed             D. who delaying
  18. 10. I live in a pleasant room ____________ the garden.
  19. to overlook B. overlooking C. overlooked D. which overlooking



Exercise 2:

  1. The man is her father. You met him last week

 ➔ The man whom you met last week is her father

  1. Zoe likes the blue T-shirt. My sister is wearing it.

Zoe likes the blue T-shirt which my sister is wearing

  1. Show me the new hats. You bought them last night.

➔ Show me the new hats which you bought last night

 4. Carta has a sister. Her sister’s name is Juma

. ➔ Carta has a sister whose nam is Juma

  1. That is a company. It produces ring.

 ➔ That is a company which produces ring.



Complete the sentence so thay it remains the same meaning as the original one ( viết lại câu giữ nguyên ý )

1.people say that the company is having proplems

   The company is said to be havingproblem

2.Everyone thought that he was plying

   It was throught that he was lying

3.People believe that a spy revealed the secret ( moi nguoi tin rang 1 diep vien da bi tiet lo bi mat)

   A spy is believed to have revealed the secret

4.Journalist report that the war is over

  The war is reported to be over

5.People expected that she will win an Oscar

   It was expected that she will win an Oscar

6.Someone should  clean up this mess

This mess should be clean up.

7.The crew had not checked the plane  before we boarded

The plane had not been checked before we boarded

8.Everyone expects that it will rain this weekend

It is expected that it will rain this weekend

9.They will execute the prisoner tomorrow

 the prisoner is said to will be executed the prisoner tomorrow

10.They sold the car factory to a German company

The car factory was sold ta a German company

11.People believehe is the richest man in the world

He is believed to be the richest man in the world


  1. “What time does the next bus leave?” he said. “I need to get to the station.”
    He asked what time the next bus left because he needed to get to the station.

2. “Don’t go swimming in the lake,” she said. “The water is filthy.”
2. She warned them not to go swimming in the lake because the water was filthy.

3. “Let’s go shopping tomorrow,” she said. “The sales have started.”
3. She suggested going shopping the following day because the sales had started.

4. “Stand up,” the teacher said to the pupils. “The headmaster is coming.”
4. The teacher ordered the pupils to stand up because the headmaster was coming.

5. “Please don’t take my ring,” she said to him. “It was a present.”
5. She begged him not to take her ring be cause it had been a present.

6. “It’s very late, Martin,” his mother said. “Where have you been?”
6. His mother reminded him that it was very late and asked him where he had been.

7. “Shall I cook the dinner?” he said to her. “You look very tired.”
7. He offered to cook the dinner, adding that she looked very tired.

8. “Please stop making that noise!” she said to him. “I can’t concentrate.”
8. She asked him to stop making that noise, explaining that she couldn’t concentrate.

9. “Yes, I dropped your vase,” she said. “I was cleaning the shelf.”
9. She admitted dropping the vase White Sha had been cleaning the shelf.

10. “Can I use the car, please?” she said. “I need to run some errands.”
10. She asked if she could use the car because she needed to run some errands.

11. “I’m sorry I’m late,” he said. “The car wouldn’t start.”
11. He apologized for being late, explaining that the car wouldn’t start.

12. “Why are you teasing your sister?” she asked him. “You know it makes her unhappy.”
12. She asked/wondered why he was teasing his sister, reminding him that it made her unhappy.

13. “Why won’t you come to the party?” he said to her. “Everyone would love to see you.”
13. He asked why she wouldn’t go to the party and added that everyone would love to see her.

14. “It was Rob who broke the window,” he said to her. “He was kicking the football.”
14. He accused Rob of breaking the window as he was kicking the football


1.You ‘d better to see a doctor

-> If I were you I could see a doc tor

  1. he won’t help you if you don’t ask him

->Unless You ask him ,he won’t help you

3.Take your medicine , otherwise  you won’tget better

->If you don’t take your medicine, you won’tget better

4.You won’t make any spelling mis take provided you use a dictionnary

->If You use a dictionnary , you won’t make any spelling mis take

  1. If you don’t park here, you’ll be fined $20

->Don’t park here, or ( orelse/ otherwise) you will be fined $20

6.You ‘d better confess your crime

->If I were you I would confess my crime

7.She went home early because  she was exhausted

->She han’t been exhausted, she wouldn’t have gone home early

  1. You won’t understand the story unless you finish the book

->If you don’t finish the book , you won’t understand the story

  1. She can’t go out if she doesn’t promise to be back early

-> Unless She prosimes ( hua ) to be back early , she can’t go out


1.Paul is the best singer of all

-> No other singer is as good as Paul

  1. I’ve never heard such a silly thing

->That’s the silliest thay I have ever heard

3.Sam makes the same amount of money as Joe

-> Sam makes as muchj money as Joe

  1. I run faster than Laura

Laura doesn’t ran as fast as me / as fast as I do

5.This book is much more interesting than that one

->That book is muchj / lsee interesting than this one ( far less interesting that this one )

6.Sanda has more friends than Caro

->Caro doesn;t have as many friends as Sanda

  1. She has never heard such a funny story

-> It’s the funnist story sh has ever heard


  1. It is not Possible that he has finished already

He can not have finished already

  1. It wasn’t necessary for you to give him a present
  2. -?You needn’t have given him a present

3.I advise you to stop eating chocolate

You should/ ought to stop eating chocolate

  1. I insist that you do your homework

     You must do your homework.

5.It was wrong of him to kick that dog

->He shouldn’t have ricked that dog

6.It’s possible that she’s already phoned him

->She may/ might /could have already phoned him

7.I ‘ll take the dog out if you like

->Would you like me to take the dog out ?

  1. Will you let me speak to George, please?

   May I speak to George, please?

  1. Let’s do to a disco

-> What about going to a disco

10.It’s possible that he is lying

->He may/ might / couldbe lying ( noi doi)

11.He wasn’t able to write untilhe was eight

-> He couldn’t write until he was eight

  1. Talking is not permitted during the test

-> You mustn’t /aren’t allowed/ can’t talk during the test

  1. It would be a good idea for me to give up smoking

-> I had better give up smoking ( toi len bo thuoc la )

14.I’m surethat he was gone home

->He must have gone home

15.It isn’t right to speak to your mother like that

-> You mustn’t / shouldn’t speak to your mother like that

  1. It isn’t possible for me to come to the party to night

   I can’t come to the parrty to night

  1. It isn’t right to speak to your mother like that

You must not/ should not speak to your mother like that

    17.He is obliged to go to the police station twice a week

 He has to go to the police station twice a week.


1,She has never been to the club befor

  • It’s the first time she has ever been to the club

2,the first time she has ever read Tolstoy

->She has never read Tolstoy

3.It’s the worst headache she’s everhad

->She has never had such a bad headache before

  1. He’s never played cricket before

-> the first time he has ever played cricket

5.It’s months since I saw Jane

-> I haven’t seen Jane for months

6.When did she come back ?

-< How long is it since he came back

7.I haven’t spoken to him for a week

->The last timeI spoketo him was a week ago

8.How long is it since he found a new job ?

->When di he find a new job

  1. It’s a month since I sawChris

->I haven’t seen chris for a month

10.The last time I went to the theatre was a month ago

->I haven’t been to a theatre for a month

SO…+ that, SUCH(+ cum danh tu ), TOO, ENOUGH+ to verb

1, It was a nice day. We went swimming .

->It was a sach a nice daythat we went swimming

2, Their dog is frightening I won’tgo near it

        ->Their dog is so is frightening that I won’tgo near it

     3.This is disgusting food . I can’t eat it

   ->This is such disgusting food That I can’t eat it

4.The house the dirty . It smelled awful

->The house was too dirty to smell( ngoi nha qua ban k gui  duoc) = It was such a dirty house that It smelled awful

5.they had a terrible fight . They hate each other now

-> They had such a terrible fight that they hate each other now

6.She is a sweet child. Everyone loves her

->She ‘s cuch a sweet child Everyone loves her

7.It was cold . The river proze

->It was so cold  that the river proze

  1. It is an interesting film . I want to see it again

-> It is such a interesting film that I want to see it again

9.The water is too coldto swim in

->The water isn’t warm enough to swim in

  1. He isn’t old enough to get married

-> He is too young to get married

11.He was too ill to go to work

->He wasn’t well enough to go to work

12.Its’s too hard for them to climb up the muontain

-> It isn’t easy enough to climb up the mountain

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